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  • Country Oaks Elementary
    Country Oaks Elementary School
  • Harbor High
    Harbor High School at Brooks Center
  • Heritage Elementary
    Heritage Elementary School
  • Highland Elementary
    Highland Elementary School
  • IA-West
    International Academy West, located at Lakeland High School
  • Johnson Elementary
    Johnson Elementary School
  • Kurtz Elementary
    Kurtz Elementary School
  • Lakeland High
    Lakeland High School
  • Lakewood Elementary
    Lakewood Elementary School
  • Milford High
    Milford High School
  • Muir Middle
    Muir Middle School
  • Oak Valley Middle
    Oak Valley Middle School
  • Oxbow Elementary
    Oxbow Elementary School
  • Spring Mills Elementary
    Spring Mills Elementary School
  • White Lake Middle
    White Lake Middle School
  • Bid List
    To be notified when a new RFP is listed on the purchasing web site.
  • Bond Construction
    News about Bond Construction
  • Sale of Used Equipment
    To be notified when new items are listed on the web site.


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